"We have been using Laser-SealTM on all of our full face CO2 laser resurfacing patients and after many of our regional CO2 laser resurfacing procedures since November 2004. We have found that patient comfort, convenience, and tolerance of the healing process after CO2 laser treatment has been enhanced during the postoperative period with the use of the Laser-SealTM. We have a renewed enthusiasm for recommending CO2 laser resurfacing in patients who are candidates for this procedure. Recovery with little or no surface weeping during re-epithelialization offers a clear advantage over traditional healing care with rinses, washes, and vinegar soaks. We are pleased with the decreased erythema and shorter time to complete recovery facilitated by this product as well."

Steve Grosso, MD, FACS, FICS
Billings Plastic Surgery
Billings, Montana

"Here at Desert Palm Surgical Group, we have lasered over a thousand people. Prior to the use of Laser-SealTM, it was a very trying experience for our laser resurfacing patients to endure. They would complain of pain, messy daily cleanings, prolonged erythema, and sometimes uneven results. Since we have been using Laser-SealTM for 2 years, patients avoid a messy cleanup, have decreased pain, and reepithelized in a 1/3 of the time. We are happy with the use of Laser-SealTM in our practice and highly recommend the use to other Surgeons and Dermatologists."

Dr. Albert Carlotti
Desert Palm Surgical Group
Scottsdale, Arizona

"With Laser-SealTM we have observed a significant improvement in the healing and comfort level of our patients following laser resurfacing. The product is easy to apply and the patients experience less redness following the procedure. The overall recovery time is far less than the alternative dressings. We have used Laser-SealTM since February 2004 and we highly recommend its use to fellow medical practitioners."

Jenny Adams, RN
Palmetto Plastic Surgery
Charleston, South Carolina