Laser-Seal offers significant benefits for patients recovering from laser resurfacing. Additionally, the surgeons who use Laser-Seal are convinced of its superiority because it has made the care of their patients much easier.

Patient Benefits

Pain Reduction
Laser-Seal almost completely eliminates the pain associated with laser resurfacing. By creating a moist environment that shields the nerve endings, Laser-Seal reduces irritation and minimizes patient discomfort. Patients who have experienced traditional dressings invariably prefer the experience with Laser-Seal.

Faster Healing
Laser-Seal greatly enhances the healing process following laser resurfacing. The moist environment created by this occlusive dressing facilitates faster cell migration, thereby reducing the healing time by 50%.

Decreased Inflammation

Laser-Seal substantially reduces the inflammation and redness related to laser resurfacing. With traditional dressings, it can take more than three months for laser related erythema (redness) to disappear. Laser-Seal reduces this period to just three to four weeks.

Surgeon Benefits

Fast Application
Laser-Seal can be applied significantly faster than other occlusive dressings, thus reducing operating room time.

Precise Application
Laser-Seal allows for complete and precise molding of the dressing and adaptation to facial form. This dressing follows the contours of the face and effectively covers challenging areas, particularly on and around the nose.

Easily Removable
After four to five days, the perioral silicone loosens, facilitating removal of the entire mask by segmental, gentle peeling.

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