Product Application and Results

After completion of the laser procedure and removal of debris, the patient's eye shields and intraoral protective devices are removed. The skin is thoroughly dried and hair-bearing sites adjacent to the laser treated areas are protected with an ointment or any type of lubricant.

First, the cap sealing the cartridge containing the medical grade silicone is removed. The cartridge is connected to the gun and the gun is primed. The silicone is delivered to the laser treated area one zone at a time (i.e. the forehead, nose, etc.).

Laser-Seal is evenly distributed across the face using a spatula or a gloved finger covered with a water-soluble gel. The gel-like silicone admixture adheres to the face, solidifying into a flexible membrane within 10 to 20 minutes after application. This allows adequate time for molding of the dressing within a workable cure time.

Patients using Laser-Seal are examined regularly during the days immediately following laser resurfacing. Due to its transparency, Laser-Seal facilitates monitoring of healing and allows detection of any accumulation of fluids or infection that may develop on rare occasions.

Laser-Seal is applied to the face and remains in place for an average of 2 to 5 days. Although infection is unlikely, systemic antibiotics are often prescribed to reduce this risk. In Dr. Guyuron’s experience, Ciprofloxacins are the antibiotics of choice. Reapplication of Laser-Seal is sometimes necessary in the mouth area as it may loosen as a result of talking or eating. Surplus Laser-Seal can be re-used on the same patient. After approximately 2 to 5 days, Laser-Seal is painlessly and easily removed.

To view the application procedure, please view the Laser-Seal video. To address specific questions about the application and removal process, please Contact Us.